“I have been able to use and become familiar
with the content of CITYPLANPORTAL as legal
council to Orlando Corporation. Our client has
had access to CITYPLANPORTAL since its
inception and it is a valued planning tool in
understanding the complex layers of planning
policies that apply to its landholdings. This
program displays planning policies from upper
and lower tier municipalities in a convenient,
creative and accessible format.

Phil Stewart, the creator of CITYPLANPORTAL,
has always sought to improve upon its content,
user “friendliness” and overall utility as an
effective planning resource.”

Leo Longo, LL.B., Aird & Berlis, LLP,
Barristers and Solicitors

  “I have been involved in the public side of the
deployment of wireless networks across Ontario
for over 20 years. The content contained in
CITYPLANPORTAL, plus it abilities to consolidate
and analyze the information, makes it a very
valuable tool to conduct a detailed analysis of
siting and regulatory issues for new sites leading
to better planning and reduced public concern.

CITYPLANPORTAL continues to evolve and
enhance its functionality, while providing the
user the ability to visualize and digest complex
planning information all in one convenient place”

David Hahn, P. Eng, David B. Hahn Limited,
Telecommunications & Municipal Affairs





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